Aluminum-wood windows

The union of two opposites

For the benefit of a customer  windows made of so-called «aluminum wood»

Rodos Grand is happy to present to you its windows made of «aluminum wood». A complex engineering product with the use of advanced achievements in the sphere of translucent structures and easy-to-use at the same time.

In appearance, this window has no differences from the alike windows, but it is only at the first sight. It is a combination of two old competitors and antagonists  aluminum and wood, now they work in unity for the benefit of warmth conservation and comfort in your home.

A solid main bearing carcass made of aluminum profile which has already acquired a good reputation due to its reliable properties and resistance to our climate. But inside the room, all this power and reliability is hidden under a wooden carcass. At the first sight you won’t be able to understand at once that it is not a simple wooden window. And from the outside  it is an aluminum window that can be colored with any color of RAL table.

In some cases thermal and physical characteristics of this window overtop PVC and a wooden European window. It can be surely said that this structure is the «advanced aerobatics» in the long list of translucent structures.

Modern windows are first of all the windows made of modern materials. That means they are comfortable, reliable and beautiful at the same time. Their objective is to create microclimate suitable for living in a room: provide optimal temperature regimen, air- and moisture- exchange, let in necessary light quantity, protect inner space from noise.

As the result we obtain a reliable aluminum window from outside and a warm, comfortable wooden window from inside. The choice is yours.

For those who value comfort and practicality

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