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Thanks to value for money and also wonderful heat insulating properties, metal-plastic is chosen the most often when it comes to selection of materials for windows. As opposed to wooden frames, metal-plastic windows do not dry up and crack of heat, they do not deform, do not require regular painting and seasonal heat insulation.

At the present moment there are many offers of metal-plastic windows in the market. And sometimes people can face a situation when unconscientious manufacturers manage to produce low quality products out of good raw material.

Rodos Grand offers windows made of four-chamber profile PVC «WINHOUSE» (Turkey).

Window and door systems made of PVC WINHOUSE  are the pride of the Turkish company FIRAT. For many years of foreign-trade activity this system has won the right to be called the most popular trademark in its industry. All products undergone tests for efficiency and quality are offered in the market along with FIRAT Certificate of Quality Guarantee.

Having worked with this profile for many years, Rodos Grand has learned by practice the correctness of its choice. Giving much attention to the quality of produced items, our company tries to take into consideration all wishes of our customers. Low prices are provided by us only at account of large scale of metal-plastic windows production, we never try to save on their quality.

Main characteristics and advantages of windows and doors made of PVC profiles «WINHOUSE»:


Heat insulation is one of the major advantages of «WINHOUSE» plastic windows. Thanks to structural continuity, high index of the profile thermal resistance and also energy saving properties of a glass package, your apartment will be warmer by 5 С on average.

Acoustic protection

Thanks to sound-proofing properties of a glass package, installation of «WINHOUSE» plastic windows allows reduction of sound pressure level in you home down to 26 Db.


When installing energy-saving glass package, «WINHOUSE» plastic windows reduce power consumption for heating rooms by 2025% and extend the life of heating equipment. Due to this, plastic windows will pay off for 3  4 years.


Guarantee for «WINHOUSE» profile  10 years.

Design possibilities

Rodos Grand offers various options of architectural solutions: keystone, arched, and many others.

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Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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