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Railings may be not only with stairs. Enclosures in living and office buildings are often used for decorating balconies, observation areas, terraces. All of these types of railings have similar construction and mounting principle. As for design, it fully depends on wishes of the owner and modern trends in architecture; therefore it can take the most unusual forms and configurations.

In addition to their main, practical function, railing solves one more, not less important task  aesthetic one. The railing serves as an original expression of designer’s idea, decoration emphasizing architectural style of the building. Just note, sometimes one look at a building is enough to define what you see in front of you: a bank building, office of a large company or a small boutique. And you don’t have to always read the signboard. Because sometimes stairs can tell everything about it and in a more expressive manner: by carved, wooden handrails it is possible to unmistakably tell a suburban house or cottage, futuristic glass railing will show a fashionable trading center or beauty salon, and ascetic metal handrails made in the style of business minimalism are widely known as a customary office attribute. However, to make the handrails have a special appeal, a trait giving the building peculiarity and individuality, important is not only material. More important is their compliance with duties entrusted to them  to promote safety and comfort of people around.

Rodos Grand is ready to help you in creating your own style and individuality. We manufacture stair railings distinguished not only for high quality and reliability but for aesthetic appeal as well. One of our main fields of activity is production, packaging and mounting of railings, balustrades and other decorative railings.

Experts and designers of our company offer you multiple options of stylish stair railings made with the use of a combination of glass and polished or rounded stainless steel.

Manufacture of straight stair railings as well as curved railings, with a turning and any other form is possible in accordance with wishes of a customer and concept of a designer. Bars and rails of such railing are made of polished or rounded stainless steel, and the railing itself  of different thickness glass. Elegance of stairs and the railing is emphasized by the use of up-to-date fittings that allow giving a special charm to the stair railing.

Rodos Grand proposes a mutually beneficial cooperation to individuals, design and construction companies. We appreciate every our customer and, therefore, when coming to us you can always figure on individual approach, high professionalism and a flexible system of discounts.

Dream up, make your the most challenging and stylish project be implemented!
Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly. 

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