Glass stairs

Glass stairs

Climbing the space

Glass has always been considered to be a fragile material which can be admired but impossible to walk on. Modern technologies have changed the concepts of glass; moreover, they proposed solid glass stairs. Glass is a very vanguard and exotic material. To bring oneself to decorate his home with a glass stairs, one need certain courage. Courage not in risking one’s life by moving along transparent stairs, these stairs are strong and reliable enough, but courage in the fact that such non-conventional material supposes the same level of irregularity of interior and the owner.

Glass stairs are expensive since complexity of their constructions, technology and other ideas corresponds to financial investments. But this magic world of transparent stairs results in so many new feelings that such staircase is unlikely to become a customary and unnoticeable item. It will amaze and delight by the fact of its existence itself for a long time and its owner may be sure in the originality of his thinking.

Glass produced by technology of multilayer splicing  in other words «triplex» is used for manufacturing of glass stairs.

«Triplex» (also called «multiplex»)  two or more layers of glass connected with each other with a polymer material. The intermediate layer of a polymer does not only make the fragments of glass broken in the result of a hit, but being a reinforcing component give a special strength to such joining.

Glass stairs are rarely built without the use of additional materials. The most often the carcass of the structure is made of high-strength metal. Wood is also used. Sometimes one staircase may combine more than three materials. This increases the solidity and aesthetic value of the stair. It should be remembered that any stair needs railing and handrails, which can become an additional decoration.

The idea of «stairs made of glass» strikes as it is. One can get used to almost everything, nothing can be a surprise But stairs made of glass  this, of course, seemed to be a fairy-tale just a few years ago. And nowadays we can confidently and proudly say that professionalism of engineers and magical hands of experts of Rodos Grand helped to make this fairy-tale real.

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