Spider systems

A magic web made of glass and metal

Modern spider-systems

Wide use of spider-systems became possible thanks to study of properties of glass as a construction material and development of analysis techniques based on computer simulation. Our instinctive fear of fragility of glass is gradually forced out by becoming aware of its high potential in the capacity of construction material.

Professional designers and engineers of Rodos Grand also adjust their practices in accordance with changed notion of the role of glass as a construction material and master new methods of the use of glass in architecture and new schemes in construction.

Few words about the system. System mounting is performed on the basis of a «frame-free» method. Fastening of glass sheets to bearing structures with the help of special spreader bolts so-called «spiders» is provided here, holes in glass sheets are drilled at the plant with the use of high-precision tools. The system provides for glass rods, they act as ribbed stiffeners. Special attention should be paid to correct calculation of the whole structure, since under external loads, (snow, wind, weight of glass panels), the glass is deflected. In case of its rigid fastening cracks may appear or the glass can break. To maintain required balance a hinged fastening is used, which takes loads upon itself. A hinge bolt is located inside the special hub made of ductile material. Two hinge bolts are usually used for vertical glass panels, four such fastening points are required for inclined ones. Under the impact of temperatures, the glass and supporting structures have different expansions, therefore it is necessary to provide for free movement of glass panels relative to supporting structures in order to avoid breakage of the glass. Glass panels are fastened to supporting structures in four points with the help of stainless bolts, which, in their turn, are installed flush. Hinged bolt head is hinged against the segment made of stainless steel. Washers, gaskets, hubs made of elastic materials are used in mounting. Thanks to them, the metal does not contact directly with the glass.

All metal parts (internal bearing structures and fastening spiders) are made of stainless steel. Glass façade can be made of various glass modification  laminated glass, triplex, solar glass, energy-saving glass etc. Glass elements are made of hardened glass 6mm and thicker, have minimum tolerance (for dimensions  less than 2 mm, precision of holes  0.20.8mm etc). Let’s note that stainless steel and the glass are the most inert and strong artificial materials.

Choice of fastening spiders is made based on engineering and architectural design. Interpanel joints should be sealed. Special requirements are specified for the seam sealer, it must: have high fixation, resistance to ultraviolet rays, provide for full moisture and air resistance of the structure. It is recommended to use silicon sealants observing the main rule  not to allow formation of air bubbles in joints filling.

Advantages of spider-systems are:

With the help of these system it is possible to erase borders between internal premises and the environment

Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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