Glass partitions and doors

Glass partitions and shop-windows

Magic world of glass

In spite of seeming fragility, glass partitions are pretty strong and reliable structures operation of which will cause no troubles to you. This is achieved due to the fact that solid hardened glass up to 12 mm thick is used in them. If glass partitions are however damaged due to an impact of something and the glass is broken, it will be broken into small pieces without sharp edges and will not cause any harm to you.

Glass partitions may have very different designs. Rodos Grand in its work uses tinted, depolished, sandblasted and other types of colored glass which will help you avoid unnecessary transparency. Special style is obtained by a room with the help of glass office partitions with pictures painted on them, which make interior individual and stylish.

Especially solid are all-glass partitions made of 8  12 mm thick hardened glass. Profiles for fastening the glass in them are so unnoticeable that the illusion of wall consisting of the glass only is created, and the room becomes special lightness and airiness.

Glass doors made in a single profile with glass partitions make the appearance look balanced and the whole glass structure  reliable.

Transparency of glass partitions and doors provide for visual accessibility of modern interior, whether it is an office hall, or a room in a trade center. Glass doors are made as classical wing doors, and also as swing door providing opening inwards and outwards.

Thanks to diversity of glass doors, a glass door creates comfort and convenience introducing various unique solutions in the room planning.

Differentiating space properly glass partitions and doors serve as areas for placing decorative elements, logos, pieces of design and symbols.


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