Office partitions

Office partitions

Possibility to manage space

Office partitions attracted the attention of many consumers by their ability to easily fit into any interior of premises without breaking its integrity and monolithic nature. Their use allows creation of individual working space for each staff member without breaking the premises into many small rooms.

In its work, Rodos Grand uses profiles for office partitions produced by German company FECO.

Office partitions FECO perfectly fit premises of any style. Installation of office partitions will not take much time of your company since the experts from Rodos Grand will complete the work within the shortest period as possible.

Installation of office partitions is especially attractive by the fact that when needed you can easily change their location, for instance, if you decided to change the number of offices in your room. And costs of replanning will be much lower in comparison with costs that you would have to incur in case you decide to plan the office in some other manner. Besides, installation of office partitions means considerable saving of the room space.

Individual customized production of office partitions allows your selection of any form, construction, material and color solution.

Rodos Grand will install office partitions in your room with high quality, reliably and within specified time.

The company specialists will also give you advice on how to arrange the premises in the most rational and efficient way, so that working space of each staff member would be comfortable and convenient as much as possible, and interior design would make the office a respectable and stylish one.

We make the fantasies real

Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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