Automatic doors

Automatic doors

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Automatic doors have become a common belonging of modern public buildings  trade, exhibition and business centers, station-houses, hotels, sports complex, cinema theaters and others. There are several modes of an automatic system functioning: triggering of infrared sensors to approaching of a person; manual control from remote console; opening of doors when sensors of access control system trigger (by a card, button key, fingerprints, code input etc.).
The use of automatic doors is preconditioned by the following reasons:

Rodos Grand company uses furniture of one of the leading companies «GEZE» in its work, and would like to bring several types of automatic doors to your notice:

Automatic sliding doors
The most common, «classical» variant of automatic doors. These can be installed at entrance into the building, as well as inside the building. Width of doors sliding shall be taken into account during installation. Door wings slide apart when automatic system is triggered. Signal for opening/closing of such doors is received from radar that activates the functioning of the automatic system. A button or access control system, security service desk, and fire alarm may also be the activator for the automatic doors. This type of automatic doors is the most saving one. 

Wing and semiautomatic doors
A great functional solution in cases when automatic closing of doors is required. Closing is done with the help of a special closer. However, availability of operating space for opening of door wings should also be provided while installing the semiautomatic wing doors. The doors may also be double-wing and single-flap. Opening may be to the left or to the right, inwards and outwards.

Automatic extendable doors
The huge advantage of this model over sliding doors is in 1/3 wider clear passage with the same width of the door assembly. This happens because of sliding of two door-wings from each side.

Automatic sliding corner doors
This solution allows maximum usage of the premises area.

Automatic doors with emergency opening (anti-panic)
This door assembly provides not only for opening of wings, but side panels as well, such panels are equipped with swivel fitting. When there is a working situation and also during evacuation of people from the building, wings and panels are easily and quickly open, and the width of door way increases twice. In standard operating mode the automatic door with emergency opening works as an automatic sliding assembly.


Automatic radius doors
There are sliding wings made in the form of incurved or convex semicircumferences and arcs. Their unconventional appearance makes the building look especially attractive. When necessary, it is possible to combine automatic radius doors with other types of doors.

Automatic revolving doors (carousel doors, rotor-type doors)
A very functional solution. It has a number of advantages: protects from dirt, dust, noise, saves electricity. Revolving doors may operate in automatic and manual modes. In the first case two options are possible: automation with servomechanism (In this case automatic system is triggered when door wing is pushed) or complete automation (rotation of door wings occurs constantly). Automatic revolving doors may operate in various speed modes.

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