Aluminum doors

Stylish aluminum doors

More than just an entrance

The first impression of a house or any place is usually formed at the moment of door opening. It is not important if the doors should organically fit well into the general view of façade or catch attention as a contrast accent thanks to unusual design, Rodos Grand offers a wide range of aluminum doors, each of these doors may be used in your home.

A standard construction is easy, not sophisticated, but many its types are possible. We have aluminum profiles for various door styles  with calm or decorative patterns, more massive or refined.


Aluminum doors will provide for high security, which is the result of the exceptional strength of aluminum profiles only. Besides, we can install a number of additional fixtures for optimal security. Your doors may also be equipped with multi-closing lock or door checks.

Advantages of aluminum doors:
easily repaired;
 do not require special care;
 designed for intensive loads;
 have sound-proofing properties;
 easily stand temperature fluctuations;
 are not corrodible;
 have great decorative abilities;
 very light;
 may have any, even a very original design.

Sliding aluminum doors: saving and extending space

In summer bright sunny day one may have a big desire to slide apart walls of his/her house in one movement. Rodos Grand will help you with its sliding and folding systems. In our work, we use systems of local as well as of leading foreign manufacturers, such as Kazakhstani companies Alprof and Alugal, Belgian company REYNAERS, German company SCHUCO.

The opening wing in sliding assemblies moves in parallel to the aperture and does not turn inside the premises. This allows considerable saving of space. And thanks to their larger area, they allow more light.

Open simply and noiselessly
Overhead sliding doors easily and almost noiselessly open the door to the surrounding world. Folding sliding doors allow creating opening almost to the total extent glass wall. Door units are rested upon rollers with bearings and are opened with one light movement.

Choose an optimal solution for you among our range of overhead  lifting-sliding, sliding and folding sliding systems. All systems have modern stylish design and absolute functionality.

Welcome home!

If you look for doors perfectly fitting your façade, or even blend with it, or on the contrary, want to achieve the effect of contrast due to the appearance only, Rodos Grand may help you by manufacturing customized product corresponding to your wishes.

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Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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