Zenith skylights and cupolas

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Zenith skylight and cupola

Zenith skylight is a construction related to one of types of winter garden. The word «zenith» implies zenith of the Sun, which can be seen through the aperture in the building roof. Types of zenith skylights vary. This can be just a flat glass horizontal roof where much snow is collected and it is impossible to remove this snow without outside interference, as well as a sophisticated geometrical structure in the form of cupola.

Operating practice demonstrates that their functional importance is very high in such buildings as production complexes, trading and sports halls, winter gardens, long flat roofs.

From the point of view of aesthetics, the roof with zenith skylights has more advantages in comparison with standard flat roofs. The main function of the zenith skylight as a structural component of roof is effective lightning of premises with natural light. Since the light flow through the roof is much more intensive and even, light activity of zenith skylights is 2  2.5 times higher than light activity of vertical windows. Natural ventilation of premises requires no energy consumption. A simple principle is utilized: warm air goes up and outside.

There are two types of zenith skylights: fixed (blind) and opening. Some models of opening skylights may be used for smoke removal, as well as for ventilating premises. Rodos Grand uses in its work fittings for smoke removal from German company GEZE. Skylights pneumatic control system allows opening them from the level of human height, individually or by groups.

As it is known, in case of a fire, 80% of victims are killed by being poisoned with toxic smoke, not the flame.

The primary function of skylights with smoke-removal valves is to provide natural smoke emission through the roof in case of fire or smoke generation, prevent people dying of suffocation, extend the time of safe evacuation, maintain sufficient visibility for possibility to save people, reduce destructive effect of fire and smoke upon property and equipment.

Standard design of cupolas  low-convex. Cupola height matches the total size of the skylight.

Hemispherical form is aimed mainly for projects where aesthetics is priority. In addition to round, skylights can be square, rectangular, triangular or octagonal. Cupola may also be in the form of a pyramid, having various dimensions and designs.

When soundly designed and effectively placed, zenith skylights perfectly perform their functions

Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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