Winter gardens

Winter and summer alike in colour

Winter garden from Rodos Grand

Modern trends in town building and architecture propose for individual projects of layout designs in apartments, office buildings and cottages more and more often. One of the ways to extend the living space or create a separate premise is the construction of a winter garden.

Winter garden became an integral part of many administrative buildings, business centers, company offices, culture, health and entertainment centers, sports facilities, cottages and other objects. There are less and less people who would be surprised with the offer to go and have a cup of coffee in one’s own winter garden, even if you talk not in a suburban cottage but in a city apartment. Thanks to new constructions and materials and also modern engineering and technical opportunities in the area of ventilation, heating and shading, everyone can accomplish his cherished dream about a winter garden by making it from the suburban house terrace or a sun-porch of his apartment.

A modern winter garden  is a high-tech structure made of aluminum profile systems with the use of glass packets. In order to build a winter garden it is necessary to take quality measurements. That is almost impossible without high-precision instruments. Although many people may say that it is possible to make a winter garden with the use of primitive instruments, it is not true. The practice of building translucent structures shows that such approach is unacceptable and that structures built with the use of such instruments cannot comply with all standards and requirements of GOSTs and specifications. Quality sealing and correct geometry are almost impossible to reach without definite calculation systems, rational cut programs and account to static loads.
In its structures Rodos Grand also uses various types of glass packages that comply with all norms and requirements of modern standards. The most often used formulae of glass packages are those that utilize energy-saving coating, such as, for instance; low-emission Low-E, Top-N etc., and also sun-reflecting glass  Stopsol.

Automatic systems of GEZE company allow automation of premises ventilation, besides, devices may be powered from the fire alarm panel.

Therefore, a modern winter garden  is a high-quality engineering facility with the use of advanced scientific achievements in the area of designing, manufacturing and assembling of translucent structures.

Basing on many-years experience in this sphere, Rodos Grand will be able to help you to create this architectural solution

Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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