The poetry of glass and metal

Aluminum façades

We evaluate the beauty of each building by its façade. In the epoch of metal and glass, aluminum façades are an optimal solution for glazing a building façade under urban conditions. Façade glazing allows making any building recognizable and original, preserving at the same time the general idea of development.

All systems offered by Rodos Grand are compatible with each other. This allows easy connection of window, door and façade systems with the purpose of creating optimal solutions and thus providing the employer with very solid systems and unlimited freedom in design.

For producing façades we use aluminum profile systems if the leading local and foreign manufacturers, such as Kazakhstani companies Alprof and Alugal, Belgian company REYNAERS, German company SCHUCO, that are able to solve complex architectural and design tasks.

Combination of the most advanced profile systems, glass with various tints, elegant fittings and supplementary elements in façade and structural glazing allows creation of building façades in line with all peculiarities of the new millennium architecture.

A façade may have the form of a web made of aluminum profile, where glass packages are fastened by clamp straps, and also without visible fastening components — this is a structural glazing.

Structural glazing

In the end of 60-s appeared this revolutionary technology and became one of the most popular façade solutions, and it still maintains a tinge of novelty and elitism.

The structural glazing appeared with invention of silicone sealants. The sealants were that things that make it possible to connect glass and metal into a single solid structure on the basis of which it is possible to design glass façades of buildings corresponding to the most severe requirements of safety, energy-saving, sound insulation and ecological cleanness. Replacement of habitual concrete-and-block structures for the glass allows erection of complexes amazing an observer with their lightness and airiness.

Aesthetic requirements are not the last priority. It is not a secret that any crack on a building façade is the place for accumulation of dust and dirt, therefore it should be cleaned several times a year which often results in significant expenses. Smooth façade leaves no chance for dirt accumulation and allows automation of the cleaning process.

Studies confirm that funds spent initially for execution of works of façade glazing not only pay off completely, but demonstrate the highest profitability percentage among technologies of the same kind.

All the above-said gives a full right to state that technology of structural glazing demonstrates high creative potential of the glass by opening new opportunities of designer solutions for building façades.

Each system has its own pros and selection of the final decision is in your hands!

Consultants of Rodos Grand will help you at the stage of designing as well as in the process of project implementation so that you could make an optimal decision.

Professional company managers will help you to calculate all options, and also to register a request for manufacture and assembly.

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