International set of jumps

The first line of the ski-jumps international complex includes 2 international class jumps К-125, К-95. There have been already built a stadium, a media-center, a rope-way, a junction providing approaches to tribunes, places of start and finish; and ground and underground parking for 200 cars.

The complex is located in the Southern part of Almaty city, to the west of Esentai River, southward of Al-Farabi Avenue.

Types of works:

  • Manufacture and assembly of heavy-duty translucent structures, including façade and structural glazing with the use of silicon glass packages.
  • Assembly of automatic sliding doors with the use of GEZE furniture.
  • Manufacture and assembly of VIP-tribune folding portals with the use of REYNAERS profiles and furniture.
  • Manufacture and assembly of stainless steel handrails in VIP-area.

Time of completion:
2 quarter 2009  3 quarter 2010.


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